Emily was such a pleasure to work with! I expressed interest in a miniature schnauzer and she notified me immediately when mama was expecting and once the litter was born. She sent photos/videos of my puppy to keep me updated on her progress. I even told Emily what I named her and she started calling her “Daisy” on my behalf. It’s been 30 days since I’ve brought Little Miss Daisy home and she has been such a joy. So obedient, trainable, cuddly and has gotten so well adjusted to her new home. She was crate trained within 1 week and has been going potty outside, even tells me when she has to go now. I would recommend Emily to anyone looking for a mini schnauzer!



Emily was wonderful to deal with from start to finish. She's professional and consistently communicated in a timely manner. I got Freja (moyen poodle) the end of November 2023 and she's healthy, happy, smart, and loves people and dogs. All the dog professionals in her life - the vet, dog groomer (decades of experience and a poodle owner herself all her life), and the woman who taught the puppy class we went to - love her and asked who the breeder was. I was first on the waiting list and unable to physically go to pick out my puppy so Emily picked several she thought could be what I was looking for and did a Zoom call with me so I could see all of them in action. As I said, Emily was wonderful to deal with throughout the entire process, and Freja is just what I was looking for.


We brought our sweet baby girl home yesterday! Drove all the way from Texas to get her but it is worth it! I wanted a miniature black poodle and was finding they are hard to come by these days. Especially if you are not looking for a "show dog" and don't want to pay upwards of $3000. I found the perfect girl for us and am so pleased with how the process went. Emily at Farmer Brown's Puppies was easy to work with and great at communication. From our first contact she responded in a timely manner and made the whole process very easy. Our new girl is healthy, bright eyed, curious and active. She seems well socialized with other dogs and people. She is Perfect! I highly recommend getting your next puppy through Farmer Brown's Puppies!



I contacted Emily the day after a litter of moyen poodles were born. I told her I wanted a companion dog that enjoys long walks, does well at the dog park, and is chill enough to handle my almost 2yr old granddaughter. Emily provided weekly updates with photos and/or video. I drove to the farm to pick my puppy @ 6 weeks, and brought him home @ 9 weeks. With Emily's guidance I chose Jasper. I'm pleased to say I couldn't be happier. My vet was impressed with his temperament, and commented on how well socialized he is at such a young age. Jasper allows my granddaughter to pet, and give him treats. However, I'm right there to intervene if either of them starts to get too excited. Also, a friend of mine has 2 adult labs. Jasper loved being around the dogs and was tuckered out when it was time to go home. I hit the jackpot with Jasper and I owe a debt of thanks to Emily, and her 5 yr old daughter Laura. Laura was partial to Jasper and when I was there to pick out a puppy. Laura just knew Jasper was for me, and she was right!


We got Maggie (Espresso) last summer and I just wanted to let you know what a great little dog she is!  She has absolutely the best personality and loves everyone (human or canine) that she meets.  She is smart and very mischievous, but I guess those go together lol.  We are so glad we got her and I thought you might enjoy seeing her now.  Thanks again for allowing us to adopt a wonderful member of our family!
-Roy & Janet Fleming

Emily is the best breeder we have ever had. She is very conscientious & organized from the beginning of our adoption until our pickup. We received updates with pictures & videos every week. She takes time to socialize the puppies with her family which helps a great deal. Our vet found Maxie to be be healthy & she has adapted nicely to our family and our other dog. I would highly recommend her & will to anyone looking for the breeds of dogs that she has available. Our schnoodle is adorable!

-Jane & Charlie Temple

I got a beautiful wheaton schnauzer for my sister. This was a terrific experience; would definitely get another schnauzer from Emily, she was a very sweet. By the time we got our puppy, she already knew her name and is a very loveable girl. Thank you Emily-we love Blesson so much.
-Sherri and Kristin

Emily was exceptional. I spent months researching a friend for my miniature schnauzer Buddy. I had decided on 2 of her puppies and finally chose Bella with the help of prayer, friends and family. Emily sent videos of Bella, and photos and consistently kept in touch once the deposit and agreement was made for Bella's purchase even starting calling her Bella. Buddy wanted a friend so desperately and has bonded with Bella more than I can imagine. Buddy came from Independence Missouri from a compassionate breeder that I have known since she was in high school. He is a service dog and very quick to learn. However he wanted canine companionship desperately more so than human. The 2 have been inseparable. Bella is extremely intelligent, very settled and was completely potty trained within 4 weeks of her arrival, which was as soon as she could be taken. She has learned many things including how to open doors, she and Buddy dance, Barks at door when wants to go out, Sits and stays until the doors open, She loves her crate and bed which is always open. Bella is a snuggler and extremely affectionate. I am positive that her socializing with Farmer Brown's family prior to her arrival gave her a sense of calmness comfort and definitely loves a lot of people. She also took her position as Beta quite quickly which was surprising. I have always been a positive reinforcement trainer with all of my companions throughout my life and I can tell you that Farmer Browns does the same with their litters. It is so easy to see when a breeder takes extra steps to ensure the love and emotional growth of there pets. At 1st Bella didn't seem as quick as Buddy to learn but actually she is quicker and more consistent. She has learned many things just by watching him. Her training has been more successful since she reached about 3 months old and became less distracted by Buddy wherein he had no distractions. I highly recommend them for anyone looking for an affectionate and well-cared-for 4 legged family member.

Emily provided us with the best, most well adjusted puppy I have ever owned! My miniature poodle was ringing the bell to go outside by day 2, is not bothered by my other dog or household noises, and was nearly crate trained by the time I got her at 8 weeks! Emily had started crating her by herself for a week before I took her home, and by the 3rd night she was done crying. She was so helpful in answering my questions and sending me pictures and videos several times a week. I could not be more pleased with the entire experience and would highly recommend farmer browns puppies for anyone in search of an absolutely perfect poodle!!!!


I can not say enough good things about the experience I had with Farmer Brown's Puppies. We found our beautiful, loving, cuddly miniature schnauzer Nava here and it was an incredible experience. Emily sent regular photos and videos so we could see how Nava was doing before we even brought her home. And they started using her name while she was there so when we brought her home she was already responding to her name. I was coming from California to pick up Nava and Emily brought her to me, although with toys, food, chew sticks, and a blanket that she had rubbed on the mom and littermates to help Nava feel more comfortable and the trip home went smoothly. Emily clearly raises well socialized puppies, raising them as she does inside her home with her family, and all my worries about how Nava would deal with being separated were unfounded and she settled into our home immediately. Emily was also great about answering any questions I had. I already know that when we are looking to add another puppy to the family in a few years, I will just go straight to Farmer Brown’s!


If you're looking for a fur baby, we would 110% recommend Farmer Brown Puppies! Emily goes above and beyond! The moment we saw Popply online, we knew we had to have her. While a picture says a lot, Emily was kind enough to have a Messenger call with us so we could see her in motion. That sealed the deal. Even though we had to wait a month to get Poppy, Emily was so very kind to send numerous pictures. Not once did we worry. I was so happy that our pup received the love and attention from her and her kiddos. Words cannot express what a happy experience this was! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

-Kris and Jim


I could tell from my initial interaction that Emily truly cares for her dogs and their puppies. I placed a deposit on a precious miniature schnauzer (Pippy) whose litter had just been born and would need the traditional two months with mom and littermates before coming home. 
As I impatiently prepared for 8 weeks to slog by, I received a picture of Pippy...and the next day received another. Pictures and videos were sent often and Emily made sure I was along for every milestone of Pip’s early puppyhood; making the 8 weeks seemingly zip by! 

Being out of State we arranged for Pippy to fly, barring poor weather conditions, and coordinated which airport, date and time would be best. The morning of, I received a picture of Pippy at the airport ready for departure and later that evening she was in my arms on our way home. 
Pip is nearing 6 months now and is healthy, happy and just as rambunctious as she was in her videos. I couldn’t be happier with the process and am so grateful for Emily and her family for raising such a wonderful puppy!

- Andrew

We  chose our puppy when the litter was five days old.  From that point forward we received updates and pictures regularly.  We picked her up at 8 weeks old, she was a well adjusted puppy, nothing bothered her, she was full of confidence and joy. It was easy to tell that she had given plenty of attention and love.  I highly recommend Farmer Brown Puppies, we could not be happier with our choice.

- Brian and Becky Wilson

We were so fortunate to find our little guy Sterling through Emily’s first mini schnauzer litter! When we were looking to become new dog parents, we had so many questions about the process and about the dogs, but Emily answered all our questions with pure honesty and patience. She was exactly the breeder we needed and our beautiful pup Sterling has been an absolute blessing to have as part of the family. He is so playful, loving, and has the funniest little personality. We truly love Sterling, and Emily for bringing him into our lives! We can’t recommend Emily and Farmer Brown’s puppies enough! 

My brother and his wife and daughter will be bringing home their own puppy from Emily in the next two weeks, so that is more proof of how pleased we have been with our experience! If you want a dog that is loyal, loving, playful, and well-socialized I definitely suggest getting a mini schnauzer from Farmer Brown!

- Lindsey and Jacob Samson

´╗┐If you’re looking for a loving small breed schnauzer or schnoodle with excellent temperament I’d choose Farmer Brown's Puppies. When I came across my little guy Kobe (Mini Schnauzer) I knew my puppy search ended. I instantly fell in love with him without actually meeting him in person yet. I contacted Emily on PuppyFind.com and her response was instant. Though I was a little hesitant because we lived 7 hours away from each other I still followed my heart and went along with the process. I’m totally glad I did. Emily would send me weekly updates videos & pictures up to the time Kobe was ready to transition to his forever home. When Kobe turned 8 weeks it was time for me to get my little guy, Emily gave me all his much needed paperwork. Overall Farmer Brown's Puppies has been the best breeder I’ve ever gone through and the only breeder I’ll ever go through from here on out. 
Thank you again Emily for the amazing experience.

- Ericka

My boyfriend and I got our puppy from here and couldn’t be happier with the outcome. We received pictures and got to see how big Harley was growing. I’ve never felt so connected to a breeder and happy with our little one.


We put a down payment on our girl puppy Bailey the day after she was born. Emily was so good about sending pictures and videos at least once a week, but sometimes more often than that. She made sure we were getting to see her grow. We picked her up at 8 weeks. She is so sweet. You can tell she was given lots of love and attention. Thank you Emily for making the experience so wonderful.

-Jacque and Charles Stobaugh

I can’t say enough good things about Emily and her puppies. We received many photos and videos of Blitzen from the very beginning. The communication was fantastic. Our puppy is healthy and full of spunk. We can tell that he was well loved and cared for by Emily and her family. Would definitely recommend Farmer Brown’s Puppies.


We are so thrilled with our adoption from Farmer Browns puppies. We now have the sweetest little gal and she is perfect for our family. Emily was wonderful and very easy to communicate with. She kept us up to date with puppy stats and photos until she came home with us. Thank you!